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The membership shall consist of:

i. The person should be above 18 years of age.

ii. The person shall be admitted by the Governing Body in accordance with these rules and regulations.

iii. Every member on admission shall pay the respective membership fee as admission fee which shall not be refunded in any case.


The society shall maintain at its registered office a register of its members and shall enter therein within 15 days after

admission of the members or the cessation of membership as the maybe with the following particulars.

i) The name and the address of the members/ members.

ii) The date of which the member was admitted.

iii) The date on which a member ceased to such membership.


A person ceases to the member:

i) On death or

ii) On his/ her written resignation.

iii) Has not attended 03 consecutive meetings of the general body of the society without intimation.

iv) Has failed to pay the membership for continuously 1 year.

v) Have been found of immorality, theft, mischief, gambling, or convicted in any criminal cases by the Government.


i. Every voting member (not a formal member) shall have an equal right to vote at the annual general body meeting.

ii. Every member shall have a right to enjoy and participate in the activities of the society.


i. The meeting of the general body shall be held once a year in the first week of July of each year. A notice for convening such a general body meeting shall be issued to all the members by post or email before 10 days.

ii. Special General Body meeting may be convened with a clear notice before 05 days.

iii. The quorum in the general meeting will be one-third of the total member in case the quorum is not completed, the meeting shall be adjourned. The meeting be reconvened after 30 minutes. The condition of the quorum would deem to have been fulfilled.



President will be head of the society and will preside over the General body and Governing body meeting of the society conveyed by the General Secretary for the purpose of carrying out the various activities of the society. The term of the President shall be 05 years and shall be elected by the General body.


In the absence of the President, Vice President shall enjoy all power and duties entrusted to the President. He shall take care/supervise functioning of the society as per the orders of the President. The term of the Vice President shall be 05 years and shall be elected by the General body.

3. GENERAL SECRETARY: The term of the General Secretary shall be 05

years and shall be elected by General body.

a. To sign on behalf of the society all correspondents and to maintain the

records of the proceedings of the meeting of general body.

b. To summon and attend the meeting of general body.

c. To call ordinary or special general meeting it desired in terms of the

constitution of the society.

d. He shall also represent the society at various quorum functions.

e. To bring forward new ideas and ventures and head them in making

them a successful one.

f. He shall maintain the day to day reports of functioning of the society.


Joint Secretary be subordinate to general secretary and help him to discharge

duties of Gen. Secretary. The Gen Secy may give duties as to them from time

to time the joint Secretary shall enjoy all the powers and duties entrusted to

the General Secretary during the absence of General Secretary.


He shall keep and maintain all books of accounts of all receipts and payments

of the society and to furnish all necessary information to governing body. The

treasurer shall be responsible for getting the accounts of the society audited

from the certified chartered accountant annually.


Any office bearer or a member or governing body may be removed from the

office of the society if no confidence motion is passed against incumbent by at

least two third majority of General body.


Any amendment to memorandum and rules and regulations or name or location

of the society shall be carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of

the society and societies Registration Act of J&K Govt.


Subscription, membership fee, donations, special contribution, Grant in Aid, Gifts,

local donation. Note: Income of the society shall be utilities for the attainment of

the aims and objectives of the society.

a) By way of receiving and collection any gift subscription and donation either

in cash or kind or aquire funds and property moveable or immovable by lawful

means and to spend and utilize the same for the fulfillment of all or anyone of

the aims and objects of the society.

b) To sell transfer mortgage hypothecate pledge assign gift raise loan form

financial institutions and settle or otherwise dispose off or charge the

properties of the society either moveable or immovable for the purpose of

attaining the aims and objectives of the society.

c) All the income earning from moveable or immoveable properties of the

society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of aims and

objects only set forth in the memorandum of Association- No portion thereof

shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly by way of dividend,

bonus, profits of, any manner whatsoever be to the present or past member

of the society or any person claiming through any or more of the present or

past members.

d) To seek and accept financial assistance from government, NGO’s foundation

banks business houses and such other organization for undertaking

development projects and to fulfill the aims and objects of the society.

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