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Green Plateau conducts exhibitions and brings together wildlife enthusiasts, share stories and deepen life-long love relationships with wildlife. We do wildlife exhibitions on different parts of Chotonagpur Plateau. By these, we want to show our valuable bio-diversity pictorially to all visitors.

With the help of our wide-speeded public-network, we are reaching out to every community of this Plateau to neutralize the negative impressions towards wild animals through a close understanding of the ethnography, as well as adjudicating for bottom-up policies.

We have launched this education and awareness programs in educational institutions and forest-fringing areas to inform local people about the importance of natural habitats, how it is facing severe threats from our day-to-day activities, and to motivate them to build community-based conservation action plans.

Along with the help from the local community and the forest department, Green Plateau rescues, rehabilitates and releases wounded and displaced wild animals into their natural habitats.

By conducting scientific studies, and collecting information from local people, we determine the appropriate management plan for a landscape, and implement it to ensure its sustainable future.

In this era of degradation, we are putting our resolute effort to conserve, protect and restore natural habitats—from forests to backyard bushes and rivers to marshlands—of our this plateau.

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