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We, Green Plateau, has been working on the Chotonagpur Plateau since 2010. We, perhaps, the first group who explore thoroughly this vast ecoregion first time after some officers of British Indian Army, who had done it in 1890-1920. We have made a concrete data of flora and fauna of this region, which helps the wildlife researchers worldwide. 

Here, in Chotonagpur, there are basically three type of ecogeography prevail. The Sal jungle is the most interesting part along with Simul, Palas, Mahua etc. The second one is the deciduous forest, which basically associated with hills like Biharinath, Ajodhya, Jhilimili etc. And third one is the hard typical plateau soil, with lots of thorns and bushes and some trees like Accacia. Rivers like Damodar, Cossey, Silabati, Dwarekeswar, Ajay are flowing through it.

The underground is rich in minerals and the elephants leave their footprint on it. Yes, the elephant is the keystone species of our plateau. Apart from it, Striped Hyena, Chital, Jungle Cat, Malabar Tree shrew, Hanuman Langur, Hispid Hare, Leopard, Barking Deer etc are the other mammal. We are probably the first who have recorded the very special Malabar Giant Squirrel from Bankura-Purulia border. Near about 300 species of Birds are here. The Laughing Dove and the Indian Roller are the signature species. Peacock, Grey Hornbill, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Indian Pitta, Indian Paradise Flycatcher are the most beautiful birds. We have also recorded (Photographic Record) Pin-striped tit babbler, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Jerdon’s Nightjar, Sirkeer Malkhoa, Rufous-bellied Hawk Eagle and very elusive Malabar Trogon from this area.

The Butterfly diversity is magical too. Specially the Susunia, Panchakot and Ajodhya are at its best in lepidopteran diversity. Common Nawab, Tawny Rajah, Black Rajah, Angled Pierrot, Five-bar SWORDTAIL, Crimson Rose are the few examples of more than 250 butterfly species. Among reptiles spectacled cobra, monoclet cobra, Russel’s viper, Banded Krait, common Krait, Indian Rock Python, Forstsen’s Cat Snake, Fan-throated Lizard etc are most lucrative. We are also thinking about to start a conservation program on Indian Peacockshell Turtle.

We are thriving continuously to save these beautiful creatures. Set up of Bird feeder, Water hole in different locations, set up of butterfly gardens in different areas (with the help of some government and private institutions), set up of trap camera and trail marking (with Department of Forest, Govt of West Bengal) are some major steps we have taken to save our Green Chotonagpur Plateau.

In recent forest fire cases in different locations across plateau, the team members of Green Plateau joined the hand of Forest department to control the fire till end.

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