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The most critical part in any conservation work is undoubtedly the rescue of a particular species. It’s our pride that all the members of Green Plateau are doing this job in a very serious manner. Obviously, the Forest Department helps us a lot. 

The rescue operations majorly involve the rescue of snakes and birds. For the last five years, we have rescued nearly 80 snakes in different areas like baghmundi, bankura, Asansol, Purulia, khatra etc. The snakes we rescued are Indian rock python, spectacled cobra, banded Krait, common Krait, rat snake, common wolf snake, ornamental flying snake etc. In every monsoon, we rescue a number of chameleons from Purulia and Bankura. Also many Indian softshell turtle have been rescued from local fishermen and local fish market and relocated in waterbody. In 2019, the first rescue operation of Bengal monitor lizard was done in Bankura town.

The months of March to August is the season of thunderstorm and monsoon. A number of trees are affected by the wind and rain, which result in destruction of nests of different birds. We have particular teams in different locations across the plateau, who pass many sleepless nights to rescue the birds. We also have a veterinary surgeon in our time who at least can give guidelines over the phone that how to handle the injured birds. Till date, more than 200 birds have been rescued, treated and relocated. In 2019-20, only in Bankura, we have rescued 5 Spotted Owlets and 1 Barn Owl, out of which the only one spotted owlet couldn’t make it. The other birds are purple sunbird, bulbul, rose-ringed parakeet, shikra, crested serpent Eagle, common mayna etc.

Not only that, but Green Plateau also rescued some birds from bird dealer. In 2019, team Purulia rescued 4 shikras from a seller of Purulia. Rescuing of Spotted Munia, Tricoloured Munia, Rose-ringed parakeet, Alexandrine parakeet, even Grey Francolin have happened already from local bird dealers.

Sometimes Green Plateau doesn’t involve directly in rescue, rather it supplies news to the local Forest Department. The rescuing of Indian Pangolin from Garhpanchakot, rescuing of Hanuman Langur from khatra, rescuing of Spotted Deer from a village near Bishnupur are the examples of great co-ordination between the Department of Forest and Green Plateau. The sieze of near about 1000 birds from Ekteswar, Bankura was also a milestone for us.

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