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The Exhibitions organized by Green Plateau were not taking place under air-conditioned galleries or costly led bulbs. Rather we choose some areas which are associated with nature. Frankly speaking, the Exhibitions organized are not a place to show the quality, we emphasize on rarity. Need clarification? Here we go.

We have organized 3 Photographic exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 at Saheb Bandh (Purulia), Bankura Town and Bishnupur Mela respectively. The first one was all about the wildlife, the second was only about Butterfly and the third one was of mixed genre. All were in collaboration with the Department of Forest or Government of West Bengal. One thing was common in all these exhibitions, i.e. whatever the quality of the picture may be, they are undoubtedly about the Flora, Fauna, or Cultures of Chotonagpur Plateau. People really appreciate the pictures of Chou Dance, Sunset of Mathaburu, Indian rock python, the elusive striped hyena, or the most litigated human-elephant conflict.

Our main reason for doing so is to aware of the common people about the culture and biodiversity of Chotonagpur. A number of audiences become inquisitive about some particular photo and ask some questions about them and our job starts. We are always ready to deliver some info about our heritage, our culture, our fauna, our flora. And if among ten people only one people understand the importance of our plateau, that may be the ultimate award for us.

We generally giving our members multiple tasks throughout the year, and these exhibitions are also the platform to give awards to our members.

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